Engineering Services

Engineering Services; the window to Upstream & Downstream

Through CBC Oil & Gas reach to a “Network of Expertise” with approach of Solution Oriented.

  • Having a Range of Solutions to meet “Your Requirements” in engineering perspective in several locations in the worldwide environments.
  • Offer a flexible choice of Engineering Services to best fit your needs in projects.
  • Creation of engineering documentation package.
  • Execute your project on time and budget with CBC Oil & Gas as a reliable partner with global presence.
  • We are designing our industrial engineering service approaches in ways that are cost-effective and keep your project on schedule.
  • We provide a range of engineering services, ensuring that your project is delivered on scope, time, quality and cost in Upstream and Downstream.
  • Flexible and competitive cost structure.

Our help throughout your project lifecycle in subsurface and surface facility, Flow Lines, CTEP, Process Units, Storage Tank Terminal, Export Terminals, Pipelines, Refineries, Basic Services, Design Services, Reports & Studies, Planning Services, Engineering Management.

CBC Oil & Gas supports clients in a variety of areas including process engineering, piping layout, pipe stress analysis, mechanical design, civil and structural engineering, electrical & instrumentation engineering as well as procurement engineering.

We offer comprehensive multi-disciplinary engineering services
Our design solutions include – Plant engineering, process engineering, foundations, steel structures, pressure vessels, columns, storage tanks, stacks, piping layouts, pipe racks, pipeline facilities, instrumentation, and electrical installations. Our designers are experienced in using some of the most advanced analysis packages and computer aided drafting programs available.